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Research and development: 3% target not enough
As a research location, Germany has made significant progress over the last few years. The share of R&D expenditure in GDP probably just missed the EU's 3% target in 2012. Despite this positive trend, further efforts are necessary to maintain Germany's competitive position. [more]
Industry 4.0: Upgrading of Germany’s industrial capabilities on the horizon
Industry 4.0 will upgrade Germany as an industrial location by bringing on the fourth industrial revolution. With trade flows becoming increasingly internationally interlinked, the aspects associated with Industry 4.0 of automation, more flexible processes as well as horizontal and vertical integration will become more and more important features of a modern, competitive production structure. Especially for Germany with its particularly favourable basic conditions, Industry 4.0 provides the long-term major opportunity to consolidate the country's leading position in the competitive global marketplace – also relative to the fast-growing emerging markets. [more]
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Nigeria: The No. 1 African economy
Nigeria’s GDP rebasing makes the country the largest economy in Africa. The rebasing of Nigeria’s GDP – the change of the base year from 1990 to 2010 and the increase in the number of industries measured for GDP calculation – raises the size of the economy of Africa’s most populous nation by 75%. Following the rebasing Nigeria dethrones South Africa as the largest economy in Africa, albeit with a population more than three times larger. [more]
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