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Wie 5G Ihr Leben verändern wird

13. August 2019
Die globale Einführung von 5G hat gerade erst begonnen. Hinter dem Hype verbergen sich jedoch Unsicherheit und potenzielle unerwünschte Konsequenzen. Diese Ausgabe von Konzept will diverse offene Fragen beantworten. Zunächst erklären wir, welche spürbaren Auswirkungen 5G für Sie haben wird. Dabei geht es um die Bedeutung des Smartphones, die Zukunft des Fernsehens, präventive Wartung von Fahrzeugen, selbstfahrende Autos, Smart Citys und mehr. Wir betrachten außerdem geopolitische Streitigkeiten, befassen uns mit der Wirtschaft in Schwellenländern und vertreten die Ansicht, dass die Kosten von Ablenkung höher sind als erwartet. [mehr]

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203 (13-24)
13. Mai 2020
After shrugging off a historic plunge in April employment, market participants will likely need to digest further record-setting monthly declines in core CPI inflation as well as April retail sales and industrial production. However, with financial markets seemingly numb to the bad data news, Fed Chair Powell's appearance on Wednesday may overshadow what is likely to be epic weakness in this week's economic data. [mehr]
22. April 2020
The economic slump is taking its toll on the banking industry. For the major US banks, profits in Q1 more than halved compared to the prior year, as loan loss reserves jumped. Revenues declined moderately with weakness in interest income and fees and commissions partly compensated for by a jump in trading income. Deposits, loans and other assets surged because clients hoarded liquidity. Banks’ capital ratios fell only somewhat and they remain well capitalised. Banks in Europe may have faced similar trends overall but will probably have benefited less from the supportive trading environment and suffered more from declining capital ratios. They are also handicapped by their much lower starting level in terms of profitability. [mehr]
24. März 2020
The world economy has, to all intents and purposes, ground to a halt with widespread social distancing and lock-down measures resulting in the closure of restaurants, retail, travel, sporting events and many other business. The impact on local and global growth is unlike any other period in the past as governments come up with economic rescue packages underwritten by central bank easing. [mehr]
3. März 2020
Growth in luxury has been primarily driven by brand heat and newness, however millennials and Gen Z are increasingly demanding more quality and sustainability. In a recent Deutsche Bank Research consumer survey on what criteria are important for luxury spending and how they have changed over time: sustainability saw the third largest increase to importance when purchasing luxury. [mehr]