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European elections 2014: An overview of the manifestos of the European parties
In less than five weeks, from May 22-25, the elections for the European Parliament (EP) will be held across the EU. 751 MEPs from 28 countries will be elected for a period of five years. For the first time, the largest political groups in the EP have nominated a pan-European candidate for President of the Commission. In the run-up to the election date, each of the main political groups has published a manifesto with an agenda for the next electoral term. The attached presentation provides an overview of the positions in key areas taken from their own manifestos. [more]
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CEE: Fit for the next decade in the EU
On May 1, 2004, eight CEE countries joined the European Union, followed by Bulgaria and Romania in January 2007. Strong trade, investment and monetary integration with the EU have been the cornerstone of the successful economic catch-up story of those economies which started much earlier than actual accession. Ten years and a textbook boom-bust cycle later, the CEE-10 have witnessed not only the benefits but also the drawbacks of such strong trade and financial integration. Still, we expect high and rising trade openness and strong integration in European manufacturing value chains will continue to support the CEE-10 industry-based growth model. [more]
Industry 4.0: Upgrading of Germany’s industrial capabilities on the horizon
Industry 4.0 will upgrade Germany as an industrial location by bringing on the fourth industrial revolution. With trade flows becoming increasingly internationally interlinked, the aspects associated with Industry 4.0 of automation, more flexible processes as well as horizontal and vertical integration will become more and more important features of a modern, competitive production structure. Especially for Germany with its particularly favourable basic conditions, Industry 4.0 provides the long-term major opportunity to consolidate the country's leading position in the competitive global marketplace – also relative to the fast-growing emerging markets. [more]
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