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The Emerging Markets team analyses political and economic developments in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Our focus is on structural, long-term trends as well as on the importance of emerging markets for global financial markets. As part of Global Risk Analysis we are Deutsche Bank's centre of competence for sovereign risk-related issues.
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China's provinces: Mapping the way forward
This article introduces an update to our interactive- macro chartbook -for China’s 31 provinces. New series covering province-level snapshots on property markets, local government finances and regional competitiveness offer a meaningful extension to the existing macroeconomic toolbox. China has embarked on a path of economic rebalancing, away from the legacy of an investment boom and towards more sustainable growth. The changes that come with this shift will affect different provinces in a different way, in particular with relation to local finances and property markets. [more]
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Spotlight on Germany
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Snapshot of key strengths and weaknesses of small Emerging Markets 
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