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1 23.06.2016 Standpunkt Deutschland (Engl.)
A darker Europe
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2 17.06.2016 Research Briefing (Engl.)
Promoting investment in Europe: Where do we stand with the Juncker Plan?Show Abstract
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3 08.06.2016 Standpunkt Deutschland (Engl.)
The ECB must change courseShow Abstract
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4 07.06.2016 Konzept (Engl.)
Konzept Issue 08
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5 07.06.2016 EU Monitor (Engl.)
Better budgeting in Europe: What can Fiscal Councils contribute?Show Abstract
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6 03.06.2016 Current Issues
Focus Germany: Growth and fiscal outlook: Risks remainShow Abstract
Topics: GDP growth, fiscal outlook, View from Berlin
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7 02.06.2016 Current Issues
German ‘Energiewende’: Many targets out of sightShow Abstract
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