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1 19.12.2014 Current Issues
Deposit guarantee reform in Europe: A systemic perspectiveShow Abstract
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2 15.12.2014 Frontier Country Report
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3 15.12.2014 Current Issues
CO2 emissions from cars: Regulation via EU Emissions Trading System better than stricter CO2 limitsShow Abstract
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4 05.12.2014 Standpunkt Deutschland (Engl.)
Case for higher investment in infrastructure – despite questionable ”gap analysis”Show Abstract
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5 05.12.2014 Frontier Country Report
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6 04.12.2014 Frontier Country Report
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7 02.12.2014 Current Issues
Focus Germany: Structural downshift in global trade burdens growth outlookShow Abstract
Topics: German GDP growth, German exports
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8 25.11.2014 Konzept (Engl.)
Konzept Issue 01
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9 25.11.2014 Research Briefing (Engl.)
Stabilisation, solidarity or redistribution? Does the eurozone need a common unemployment insurance scheme – and if so, for what?Show Abstract
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