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1 25.07.2014 EU Monitor (Engl.)
Small is beautiful? Capital market funding for sub-sovereign authorities on the riseShow Abstract
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2 24.07.2014 Frontier Country Report
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3 17.07.2014 Research Briefing (Engl.)
Balance-of-Payments Facility: Current profile and future challenges of non-euro area financial assistanceShow Abstract
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4 14.07.2014 EU Monitor (Engl.)
The dynamics of migration in the euro areaShow Abstract
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5 09.07.2014 EU Monitor (Engl.)
Transatlantic consistency? Financial regulation, the G20 and the TTIPShow Abstract
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6 07.07.2014 Frontier Country Report
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7 30.06.2014 Current Issues
Focus Germany: Solid growth, low inflation (despite ECB)Show Abstract
Topics: German industry, inflation
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8 26.06.2014 Frontier Country Report
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9 26.06.2014 Current Issues
The changing energy mix in Germany: The drivers are the Energiewende and international trendsShow Abstract
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