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Outlook for global house prices

Michael Hsueh

Jon Bell

Adrian Cox

In this episode
House prices are cooling off around the world after the boom years of historically low interest rates and a pandemic race for space. Countries like Sweden, Canada and Australia, which had the biggest gains, heaviest household debt and highest proportion of variable rate mortgages, are most exposed. In the latest episode of Podzept, Michael Hsueh, FX Strategist and author of the G10 Housing Monitor, Jon Bell, Head of the European Construction and House Building Research, and Adrian Cox, Thematic Strategist, discuss the outlook.

Outlook for global house prices
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What we discuss 
  • What are the findings of the most recent G10 Housing Monitor?
  • What are the drivers for house price declines?
  • What is happening in the UK and where is the impact being felt the most?
  • Where are house prices likely to go in the months to come and where will they bottom out?