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16 themes driving markets and economies

Luke Templeman

Adrian Cox

In this episode
How do we identify the key themes that are driving markets and economies, and also incorporate their impact into investment and corporate decisions? Adrian Cox asks Luke Templeman about his latest report ’16 themes driving markets and economies’. It highlights the top themes and explains how applying a common framework across different themes is necessary to assess how those themes can affect each other. “You can read something written by intelligent people on theme A and then theme B, and they might make sense individually, but they may overlap in ways that are mutually exclusive. That’s what really interests me”, says Templeman.

16 themes driving markets and economies
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What we discuss 
  • Where do the themes come from?
  • How do you analyse the key drivers of the key themes in the world and give separate investors the ideas and analysis they need to take into account the things that affect their investments, but which they’re not experts in?
  • There are eight themes in each of the fast themes and the megatrend themes. What are the highlights and overlaps that people might not expect?
  • Isn't the risk here that we end up saying everything affects everything else?


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