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dbSustainability: How can corporates hit their sustainability goals?

Luke Templeman

In this episode
We interview Daianna Karaian, Founder and CEO of Today Do This, a firm that works with Blue Chip global corporates to help them achieve specific sustainability goals. We address several big questions that corporates have about exactly how to implement sustainability processes.

dbSustainability: How can corporates hit their sustainability goals?
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What we discuss
  • A process corporates can follow to address their most important sustainability issues rather than merely chasing the latest trending issue.
  • Should companies announce sustainability targets?
  • How do you engage all the different stakeholders in the company to ensure you create lasting change, rather than a policy that everyone quickly forgets about?
  • How profit and purpose can go together even when that purpose has a financial cost.
  • Pressure from customers and investors and how corporates can engage in wider societal and political discussions about sustainability.


Featured guest
Daianna Karaian
Founder and CEO
of Today Do This
  • As Founder and CEO of Today Do This, Daianna Karaian works with companies that are committed to making a positive social impact but aren’t quite sure where to start.
  • In a time of employee activism and bold corporate commitments, she helps business leaders focus their approach to social impact, and helps workers connect the organisation’s priorities with their day jobs to create real, measurable change.
  • Previously, she spent two decades working at the intersection of sustainability and business strategy across the private, public and third sectors, and even a royal household.
  • She has a bachelors degree in industrial engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.