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Germany at the forefront of the energy transition

James Brand

Debbie Jones

In this episode
James Brand, Head of European Utility Research discusses with Debbie Jones, Global Head of ESG Company Research the ambitious targets set by Germany's coalition government, arguably Europe's most ambitious decarbonisation targets. The targets aims to transform Germany's power market, reaching 80% renewable generation by 2030 while closing its remaining nuclear plants and phasing out coal. It could put Germany at the forefront of the energy transition.

Germany at the forefront of the energy transition
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What we discuss
  • The German government presented its official coalition agreement late last year, which was ambitious across a range of areas. What is it targeting for the utility sector?
  • What needs to happen for the government’s targets to be achieved?
  • New gas-fired generation is needed - why it is not possible to meet demand solely through renewables?
  • What does this mean for prices – in the near-term power & gas prices have been very high?
  • Hydrogen has played an important role in the coalition plans – could this be used at some point instead of natural gas?


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