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Alternative proteins – the renewables of food?

Olga Cotaga

Luke Templeman

In this episode
New Podzept Podcast. The big bust in share prices of Alternative Food stocks has echoes of the dot.com boom & bust in 2000. Yet, just as the bursting of the tech bubble did not stop the inevitable development and adoption of technology, Deutsche Bank Research see the Food Tech revolution as likely continuing despite the cooling of last year’s market euphoria. Olga Cotaga and Luke Templeman, both Thematic Research Analysts, discuss the growth potential in the industry as it continues to simmer, but with the potential to change food as we know it.

Alternative proteins – the renewables of food?
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What we discuss
  • Define for us what you mean when you say alternative food?
  • Why can we expect growth in alt food products despite whatever is happening in the stock market.
  • Venture capital investment has plummeted this year. Can any of this fundamental growth happen if investors have disappeared?
  • It seems the plant-based burger option is usually a little more expensive. So why is there confidence in the market if we’re talking about a premium product in an environment where inflation is putting a really serious squeeze on people’s budget?
  • Most people are aware of the land use and methane issues associated with beef production but they may not be aware that this extends to other things like dairy eggs and other things.