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Europe’s energy crisis

Marion Mühlberger

James Brand

Adrian Cox

In this episode
Europe is in the middle of an energy crisis. It’s grappling with two big challenges at the moment – urgently weaning itself off Russian energy, particularly gas, and moving to a cleaner energy economy. At times, those two goals seem to be in opposition to each other.

Europe’s energy crisis
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What we discuss
  • What is the European response? There has been a patchwork of national support measures and three milestone packages. 
  • Will there be enough gas over winter? Probably yes, but it will be a balancing act. Household consumption will need to be closely monitored as the weather gets colder.
  • What about the phasing out of Russian gas completely - is that possible?
  • What are the challenges of the broader energy transformation? There is a lack of financing and constraints at the corporate and the household level.
  • What are the challenges with transitioning to renewables? Is hydrogen the solution?