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Reshoring's impact on markets and economies

Olga Cotaga

Luke Templeman

In this episode
What happens when geo-political tensions create a sense of insecurity in corporate CEOs? One result is that some are reshoring. This applies to both manufacturing and services – both supply chains and operations. In this podcast, Luke Templeman and Olga Cotaga discuss how to identify the reshoring theme and how it has accelerated dramatically over the last couple years. In addition, they consider some of the countries that are best placed to capitalise on the trend and how investors can think about the effects on asset allocation.

Reshoring's impact on markets and economies
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What we discuss 
  • How do we know reshoring is actually happening? Where can we see it?
  • How many companies are doing this? How many are talking about it as a high priority?
  • How do we know that this is going to be a trend that is going to continue in the long term? What are the catalysts for that?
  • Which countries can potentially serve as alternative manufacturing locations to China?
  • Which sectors will reshoring affect on an direct, but also indirect, basis?