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Can AI help high-labour firms to boost returns?

Olga Cotaga

Luke Templeman

Adrian Cox

In this episode
Artificial intelligence offers the tantalising prospect of improving the perennial underperformance of companies with many employees.

In this podcast, Luke Templeman, Olga Cotaga and Adrian Cox discuss why high-staff companies tend to have a lower market capitalisation, thinner margins and lower growth rates than lower-staff ones. They analyse evidence that suggests AI could enable high-employee companies to get more value from each staff member. That may generate an outsize benefit in return on equity and potentially catalyse equity market returns in the years to come.

Can AI help high-labour firms to boost returns?
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What we discuss 
  • Why do high-staff firms need to increase productivity?
  • How can AI help high-staff firms?
  • What tangible difference will it make to their bottom line?
  • How much will that difference be worth in financial terms to high-staff firms?


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