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Information about saving user login data

Normally, your session will be ended for security reasons if your computer remains inactive for a certain amount of time or if you close your browser. After that you have to log in again.

How to stay logged in to this website: If you don't want to have to re-input your user ID or e-mail address and your password every time, you can save your sign-in data on your computer for 180 days. Your user ID and password are not actually stored on your computer - only a key generated by us that enables your computer to be identified. You can permanently delete this key by signing off. When you sign in again, you will have to request explicitly that the key is saved.

Technical note:
The key is saved by means of a cookie. With Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox this cookie is filed in the user's home directory and thus cannot be read or used by anyone else except the system administrators. With some old versions of Netscape it is possible for anyone who uses the computer to read and use the cookies, and thus another user could work on the server under your name (e.g. change master data or subscriptions). If you work with an old version of Netscape you should not use this log-in option.


Questions: If you have any questions about this option or if you are uncertain about what it means, don't hesitate to contact our Hotline +49 69 910-31860 for assistance