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    dbSustainability: Insights from the db ESG conference

    Debbie Jones

    Brian Bedell

    In this episode
    Listen to a podcast episode where we discuss the highlights from a recent ESG conference where sustainability leaders and asset managers discussed key ESG topics as part of focused panels and presentations.

    dbSustainability: Insights from the db ESG conference
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    What we discuss
    • Asset managers report demand for sustainable investing is rising rapidly.
    • Increasing regulation will support reallocation of capital to sustainable investing.
    • The US is behind, but the SEC and the Federal Reserve have signalled a positive direction of travel.
    • Corporates outside of Europe, who want access to capital in the region, will face EU sustainability regulation.
    • The qualitative aspect of ESG analysis is underappreciated.
    • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a movement and not a moment.
    • The focus on "E" often ignores biodiversity, but this is changing.