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Global Economic Update with Torsten Slok

Matthew Barnard
The world economy has, to all intents and purposes, ground to a halt with widespread social distancing and lock-down measures resulting in the closure of restaurants, retail, travel, sporting events and many other business. The impact on local and global growth is unlike any other period in the past as governments come up with economic rescue packages underwritten by central bank easing.
In a new podcast with Torsten Slok, Chief Economist, DBSI, Slok provides his view on the latest US and global forecast, along with his insights on the monetary responses from the Federal Reserve. These include keeping liquidity flowing in the commercial paper and swaps markets, along with what now is unlimited QE for treasuries, agency MBS and even corporate debt.

In the new podcast Slok also touches on the fiscal response. At the time of recording, a comprehensive fiscal package for the US Government is still not in place, but press reports continue to indicate a “US$2trn package aimed at supporting small business and giving money directly to those that are out of work.”

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