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Konzept # 19: What we must do to rebuild

November 10, 2020
The rebuild begins. But how, exactly? This edition of Konzept presents our ideas for how economies, businesses, and societies should rebuild from the pandemic.


The pandemic has shown how the ‘haves’ are more resilient than the ‘have-nots’. Much of this is based on the gap between the two groups based on their access to technology. [more]
People who can WFH and disconnect themselves from face-to-face society have gained many benefits during the pandemic. A five per cent tax for each WFH day would leave the average person no worse off than if they worked in the office. [more]
Worldwide lockdowns and social distancing measures have only motivated the increased use of cards over cash. To respond, companies and policymakers must design alternative to credit cards and remove middle man fees. [more]
Even prior to the pandemic, there was an inevitable shift to online purchasing. But how do we ensure this widening acceptance of online buying does not backfire on the planet in the form of unsustainable delivery levels? [more]
This year, much of the credit for the US economic recovery should go to payroll subsidies. The next round of stimulus should focus on income support and job retraining as economic activity is still recovering while production is being automated. [more]
People are already leaving cities as they seek more space amidst the threat of lockdowns. Meanwhile, companies are looking to reshore some operations to make supply chains more resilient. [more]
Many city centres have been described as “post-apocalyptic” this year. To avoid them becoming permanently lifeless, we need ‘radical urbanism’. [more]

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