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World Outlook 2022-23: Dodging the Tempests

Peter Hooper

Matthew Luzzetti

Matthew Barnard

In this episode
Matthew Barnard, Head of Company Research, US speaks with Peter Hooper, Global Head of Economic Research and Matthew Luzzetti, Chief Economist discussing economic predictions over the next two years. They base their ominous predictions on several factors: Inflation is pushing 6% or more in Europe and the US while central banks continue quantitative easing. A new and more infectious strain of Covid is spreading rapidly as vaccination rates lag. Supply chains remain clogged with delivery times and transport costs near all time highs. Potential populist-driven political turmoil, climactic tempests, and geopolitical storms loom.

World Outlook 2022-23: Dodging the Tempests
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What we discuss
  • From a global perspective what can you share on inflation and the potential impact on growth?
  • Expectations for US growth and the risks around inflation headed into 2022?
  • Expectations how the central banks will respond? 
  • Realizing each central bank has its unique set of goals, buy with such sharply negative real rates in may major economies, have the banks already fallen behind the curve?  


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